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In 2020 Raleigh, NC was ranked number two in the world and number one in the United States when it comes to quality of life index, as ranked by the numbeo website.This site ranked 227 cities based on purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price, traffic, pollution, and climate.

Raleigh is a great place for people and jobs. With the small town feel you will be sure to get to know your neighbors, and recognize faces very quickly after moving here.With the Research Triangle park (RTP), and the RDU airport close by the area is a mecca for big and small business that makes it one of the best job markets in America.

As part of winning the number two spot for best quality of life, you will see cost of living was part of that calculation making homes in the Raleigh area some of the most affordable in the country.

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History & Culture

Raleigh was established as North Carolina’s capital in 1792. The area was chosen due to it’s geographical center of the state. The population grew to 669 by 1800 in contrast to 469,000 in 2020. Unlike other cities Raleigh was spared the decimation that other big cities suffered during the civil war.

Fayetteville street started out as a residential area but during the 1800s switched out to commercial storefronts which housed the many inns, taverns, dry-goods stores, coffin houses, and brickyard. As you can see Fayetteville street is still the center of commerce and plays host to many street fairs each year.

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