RTP Hot Spot

Raleigh NC

Y’All have never experienced down home small town meets big city till you have experienced Raleigh, NC. Small town southern charm meets world-class museums, historic neighborhoods, green spaces, performing arts, local shops, breweries, professional sports, and incredible restaurants,

Durham NC

Step one foot into the downtown area of Durham and you are sure to quickly understand why Durham was ranked 23rd best p;ace to live by livability.com.

Chapel Hill NC

Voted 2020s Best Places to Live in Orange County by Niche, and voted 5th most affordable city in North Carolina, by Livibility shows that Chapel Hill is an amazing small college town, with big city vibe.

Cary NC

Cary, know as the “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees” due to the number of people that moved to Cary from up north. Cary NC is at heart, a southern town with all the southern charm of the south.

Apex NC

According to Livibility, Apex, NC is located in Wake County and it has a population of 50,683. What about cost of living in Apex, NC? The median income in Apex, NC is $105,512 and the median home value is $334,456.

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